A good alternative to a lot of things

Columbus College of Art & Design

Comb bound with silk screened cover.
Printing: Inkjet, xerox,
silk screen and bubble-guns.
Edition of 200.
23 x 28 cm, 96 pages.
Edit and design: Lodret Vandret.
Published by Beeler Gallery
and Lodret Vandret.
ISBN 978-87-92988-21-8

‘A good alternative to a lot of things’ was produced during a workshop at Beeler Gallery at Columbus College of Art & Design in February 2018 on the occasion of ‘An Art Book Affair’, as part of ‘Season Zero: How well do you behave? IN THE FLAT FIELD’.

37 students and 4 teachers in 10 groups all contributed with…

ponderings, ruminations, contemplations, broodings, bafflegabs, rambles, reflections, contemplatives, meditations, reflections, daydreams, metaphors, quips, claptraps, nuggets, treatises, rhapsodies, thoughts, rants, jottings, scribblings, obsessions, tidbits, reveries, anecdotes, digressions, aper├žus, bons mots, diatribes, blathers, reminiscences, missives, banalities, blurbs, commentaries, witticisms, paeans, disquisitions, epiphanies, snippets

…on a cryptocurrency condition.

Thanks to Jo-ey Tang, Ian Ruffino, Marla Roddy and the Fine Arts Faculty!