Face, Head and Shoulders

Face, Head and Shoulders. The Contemporary Photographic Portrait
September 15. – October 15. 2011
Ny Tap, Carlsberg, Pasteursvej 52
Copenhagen, Denmark

Reflections on Contemporary Photography
The curatorial collective Lodret presents a satellite slideshow exhibition and lecture by Dutch blogger and curator Hester Keijser (Mrs. Deane, The Independent Photobook) hosted at Kunsthallen Nikolaj. Based on works from the current exhibition, Hester Keijser will talk about contemporary tendencies in young and unestablished international art photography, with special focus on self-organized publishing, curating and promotion.

Talk: September 29. 2011 at Kunsthallen Nikolaj
Slideshow: September 29. – October 2. 2011 at Kunsthallen Nikolaj

Independent Art Book Publishing
The exhibition ends with a lecture and panel discussion on DIY art book publishing with publishers David Schoerner (Hassla Books) and Mårten Lange (Farewell Books). The panelists will present examples of their printed matter and speak about creative as well as practical concerns and aspects of the publishing business. We will be presenting books by: Hassla Books, Farewell Books, JSBJ, At The Academy, Lodret Vandret, etc. After the presentation drinks will be served and questions can be asked under less formal circumstances.

October 15. 2011, 3-5 PM at Ny Tap, Copenhagen, Denmark