Hired Hand

Athena Torri
Bea Fremderman
Ingo Mittelstaedt
Stuart Bailes

Offset, Munken Polar Rough 170gsm,
perfect bound with die cut dust cover
Edition of 300 + 50 Special Edition
20 x 26 cm, 64 pages, 34 plates
Edit and design by Lodret Vandret
ISBN 978-87-994373-7-5

Out of print.

Might be in stock at Antenne books or
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Lodret Vandret is proud to present Hired Hand, containing photographic works of young artists Stuart Bailes (UK), Bea Fremderman (US), Ingo Mittelstaedt (DE) and Athena Torri (US).

Their elegant landscapes and still lifes are re-appropreated – collaged, juxtaposed and presented alongside internet stock photographs to make up a softspoken picture poem in which brute force and a slight caress suggest an undefined plot.