Look what I bought at the art book fair

Screen printing performance
Conceived by Lodret Vandret

May 3 – 5, 2019

Miss Read art book fair
HKW, Berlin

Screenprinting by
Pamflett, Bergen

Supported by:
Danish Arts Foundation
Bergens Kommune
Norwegian Arts Council

Get a free t-shirt – with books!

What is hotter than independent publishing? Independent publishing related merch, perhaps? Do you like books and zines or cool t-shirts better?

At Miss Read 2019, you didn’t have to choose. If you bought any three books at the fair – from any publisher – you were eligible for your own unique, hand pulled, screen printed t-shirt. For free.

As a performance, to encourage support of independent art book publishers, Lodret Vandret (Copenhagen/Berlin) and Pamflett (Bergen) set up a photo and screen printing studio where fair goers could get their purchases reproduced on a t-shirt for them to keep and cherish forever.

View video here