One Thousand Books 2021 catalog

One Thousand Books 2021

Three-colour spot-printed cover.
Two booklets, 40 pages each,
CMYK offset printed.
Edition of 300.
20 x 28 cm, 80 pages.
Published by Lodret Vandret
ISBN 978-87-92988-26-3

€ 15.00

We are super happy to present to you, the catalog for One Thousand Books 2021! It’s a cover with two booklets inserted: 

1) Contains still images from video taken during the events in Roskilde and a newly commissioned text by Andrea Pontoppidan from Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology that offers so many brilliant impressions and perspectives on what happened in Roskilde this fall. 

2) Is an artist book – ‘Fanta for the ghosts’ – by Elisabeth Molin made during her One Thousand Books residency in supermarkets this summer. It features ‘a fictitious play, two proxy characters, some pigments and a blood orange’.