Swap Party

Performative workshop
Conceived by Lodret Vandret

September 30 – October 2, 2016

C/O Berlin @ Helmut Newton
Foundation, Berlin

Lodret Vandret / Lugemik
Marge Monko / Antje Peters

Riso printing by Colorama

Two publishers, two artists, a Swap Party and two new books are made!

Two publishing houses — Lodret Vandret and Lugemik from Tallinn, Estonia — and two artists who have already published books together are “swapped.” In this workshop, already existing book works are revisited, reworked and produced anew by new constellations of artist/publisher.

This experiment demonstrates the importance of the creative process taking place between artists and publishers/designers and how this influences the final result; the final book object. Conceived of and coordinated by Lodret Vandret, the individual stages of production are portrayed in a playful way—an exciting look behind the scenes of book production. During and at the end of Book Days, the four present their results and discuss their experiences from the work process with swapped cooperation partners.

The ambition behind this format is to expose the creative process between publisher/designer and the artist – to show that the publication is not given or determined only by the nature of an initial work or idea but more often than not shaped and birthed in dialogue. By exposing the original, raw material (the product of the original collaboration) and the apparatus of making, we wanted to focus on the thingness of the book/multiple and how physical design attributes enter into dialogue with artistic concept to determine the ultimate experience of the artists’ book. We also would like to draw attention to the issue of time and how a project ages in the mind of its creator. Revisiting work from just a few years back might be interesting and cathartic for an early-career artist.

Books reworked:

Illusion by Antje Peters, published by Lodret Vandret
—-> Illusion by Antje Peters, published by Lugemik

Don’t Wind It Up, Turn It On by Marge Monko, published by Lugemik
—-> Don’t Wind It Up, Turn It On by Marge Monko, published by Lodret Vandret