Triple Point

Leah Beeferman

Six-colour spot printing,
open spine with tri-fold cover.
Edition of 300
23 x 26 cm, 80 pages
Edit and design by the artist
and Lodret Vandret.
Texts by Daniel Everett
on riso printed insert.
ISBN 978-87-92988-15-7

Release events:
Rawson Projects, Sep 14th
Bass & Reiner, Sep 10th

Triple Point interprets a small volcanic eruption (Holuhraun, Iceland, 2014) in context of abstract image-making, and in translation from digital (RGB) to printed (CMYK) space: drawn layers and color separations as parallels to elemental, earthly materials.

Positive and negative space drift in and out of position as stone appears as lava and lava appears as atmosphere. Fittingly, Triple Point is a scientific term referring to the exact pressure and temperature at which a substance can exist simultaneously in each of the three phases (gas, liquid, solid). This tenuousness pervades the work presented here, with all of the elements shifting and coalescing in continuation. We seem to be witnessing the formation of an island or the unmaking of a digital landscape, but there is an uncertainty as to which direction these transformations are playing out. As you try to hold on to the forms, they shift and break free. — Daniel Everett